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Semi Electric Pallet Truck Model NO :TMBD20(SE)

Semi Electric Pallet Truck Model NO :TMBD20(SE)


This type of Semi Electric Pallet Truck has been introduced by Techmech Handling Equipments, for easy transportation of pallets in big plants & werehouses. For a long travel in plants it is a versatile machine to handle the pallets safely & quickly with minimum efforts, with lifting Lowering manually Hydraulic to cut the cost and Traveling Battery Drive.

– Heavy duty design

– Best value with many applications.

– Powered travel with compact and robust structure.
Low maintenance, low weight and low profile for good operating visibility.
High quality electric components and drive wheel from Europe.

– Brake System: Integral electromagnetic disk brake mounted on motor shaft.

– Drive Wheel: Complete gear train mounted on ball and roller bearing in oil   bath housing.

– High-torque horizontally mounted motor has coppergraphite brushes for   excellent Lubrication.

– Load Roller: Tandem Polyurethane: 78x70mm.

To avoid any accident maximum safety features are provided as push stop, horn & automatic brakes in handle, with forward & reverse movement system.

Operator can control easily the whole systems for lifting, Lowering & transportation of loaded pallets.

Excellent after sale service and parts are available over the shelf.


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