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Drum Lifter Cum Tilter Model No – TMDL

Drum Lifter Cum Tilter Model No – TMDL


This Drum Lifter is mobile on Four wheels, two of which are steering type. All wheels are provided with double ball bearings with dust covers.

This Drum Lifter is composed of hydraulic system, main frame, Drum Holding device, gear box and and lifter. The Durm Lifter lifts drum with manual hydraulic jack and equipped with return valve and foot pedal to control durm carriage lowering rate and ensure the hydraulic action accurate and reliably. One gear box is provided to rotate the Drum. After lifting the Drum hydraulically the Drum can be rotated up to required angle max 180 Degrees by turning the handle.

To grip the Drum safely & properly Two heavy duty holding devices are provided which grip the Drum from Top as well as from bottom.

Features :

1. Can be used in loading & unloading the Drums in the truck.

2. Can stack the Drums vertically or horizontally one over the other.

3. Can tilt 180 Degrees for pouring liquid to the last drop.

4. Can carry Drums to long distance.

5. It is quite a one man show, the Drum need not be touched by hand.

6. Can handle steel & Plastic Drums, as well.

This is the ultimate solution for quick, safe & fast Drum Handling in warehouses & plants.

Specifications :

Model No. TMDL 350
Capacity kg 350
Lifting Height mm 1425
Over all Length mm 1190
Over all  Width mm 890
Over all  Height mm 2020
Self weight kg 155
Drum  M.S. or Plastic


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