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Battery Drive Order Picker Model No – TMBDOP

Battery Drive Order Picker Model No – TMBDOP


Jet Battery Drive Order Picker by Techmech Handling Equipments has been introduced as a lighter version of battery drive platform/stacker with the features that the operator will stand over the rising platform under full protection of railings and go up to pick and choose the packages from the racks and bring them down with ease. Similarly, he will take the packages up and place them on the racks at their proper place.

This is also most conveniently used for  working on machines and jobs, which are quite high and require handling at heights of more than 2 mtr. Moreover, certain operations have to be carried out vertically up and down, for which this is as ideal machine. It can be used also as a maintenance platform in godowns, big halls, etc.

All the controls for drive to all sides up, down, start, stop are provided to the operator on the lifting platform.

Its capacity is only 300 Kgs. and lifting height is with in the range of 3000 mm to 3500 mm., in two version. Platform size is 600 x 640 mm., to accommodate one person and small packages. It can also travel (Battery Drive) short distance in shop, warehouses, big Shopping Malls, Etc, and is a very light machine within 460 Kgs. Weight and 1550×800 mm.

Overall dimension.

Batteries are chargeable & maintenance free with long life.

Specifications :


Capacity kg. 300 300
Lifting Height mm 3300 3500
Max Machine Height mm 4450 5200
Min. Platform Height mm 42 42
Ground Clearance mm 42 42
Platform Size mm 600×640 600×640
Drive Speed (Platform Stowed) km/hr. 4 4
Drive Speed (Platfrom Elevated) km/hr. 1.6 1.6
Min. Turning Radius mm 1500 1500
Max. Travel Grade % 15-20 15-20
Driving Wheel Size mm 230x250x8 230x250x80
Driving Motor V/kw 2×24/0.4-0.5 2×24/0.4-0.5
Lifting Motor V/kw 24/2 24/2
Aneroid Battery V/ah 2×12/100 2×12/100
Charger V/ah 24/20 24/20
Overall Length mm 1550 1550
Overall Width mm 700 700
Overall Height mm 1950 1950
Overall Net Weight kg. 574 574


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